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 Premiere         Wedding Destination 

Univ. CDJR Best Wedding Venues Madison N


We are 100% Code Compliant,  Health Department Compliant, 

and NYS liquor license compliant . 

To fulfill code requirements, we are equipped with Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System,  and Water Filtration System.  

We also have our own liquor license.

The facility is completely handicap accessible and climate controlled.

This means that your wedding is safe from:

code, health, and liquor violation venue closures,

and is accessible and comfortable for all guests!

Creek Road     Oneida, NY     13421   315-762-3090

Long Distance Love Affair

Two strangers from opposite sides of the country meet in a bar and assume they'll never see each other again. But their story didn't end there....This was not the classical long distance love affair turned into a fairy tale wedding. Many twists and turns and trials had to be overcome to make it happen. Doug and Kat met 6 years ago in a crowded small town bar in Kat's hometown nestled in the most southern parts of Oregon. Little did she know her life was about to change forever. Doug was from New York state working across the country. The two met and exchanged their contact information, thinking that this happenchance meeting would be no more than that one night. Neither expected this wou

How it all Begins...

We have had MANY destination weddings at Wolf Oak Acres, some with couples coming in from neighboring towns, many from larger NY cities, and numerous from out of state. We now have many overseas couples from multiple foreign countries also tying the knot at our facility. Each and every one will have at least one thing in common with their events... they all begin with a marriage license. So for those of you looking to find out how to start the entire process - read on if you are planning a wedding in NYS. A marriage license may be obtained from ANY town or city clerk in the state. You can walk into the one most convenient to you. Upon entering, the couple will need to provide a governmen

In the wake of disaster...

While our thoughts and prayers this week go out to those families afflicted by the horrendous events in Oakland, I feel enraged that events like this which are truly preventable can still happen in our society. Here in NYS we are facing all of the same issues as California, as each and every other state does, when it comes to our state and local authorities over fire, safety and building codes. Over the last 5-7 years we have seen a new trend in the wedding industry in particular. This is the use of “rustic barns” and DIY warehouse venues to be used as the locale of the couples’ dreams to perform their nuptials in front of family and friends. However – these are not being held on the family