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 Premiere         Wedding Destination 

Univ. CDJR Best Wedding Venues Madison N


We are 100% Code Compliant,  Health Department Compliant, 

and NYS liquor license compliant . 

To fulfill code requirements, we are equipped with Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System,  and Water Filtration System.  

We also have our own liquor license.

The facility is completely handicap accessible and climate controlled.

This means that your wedding is safe from:

code, health, and liquor violation venue closures,

and is accessible and comfortable for all guests!

Creek Road     Oneida, NY     13421   315-762-3090

Wedding etiquette - bridal party gifts

Photo courtesy of : John Carnessali Photography Traditionally the members of the bridal party have many responsibilities. While being your behind the scenes support crew, always there through thick and thin, they are there to help the couple and encourage a healthy relationship. When it comes to all of the behind the scenes, these select few special support team members bear a ton of expense to help all of the special events leading up to and including the big day. Many of the bridal party help chip in to be sure there are tons of great festivities and meetups before the big day arrives. From throwing the initial engagement shower, to the bridal or jack -n - jill party, to the bachelor/bac

Picture Perfect

After nearly 300 weddings held at our facility - we certainly have our fair share of stories when it comes to seeing the behind the scenes of one of the most amazing days a couple will share. What I have come to notice is that all couples have different priorities on where to spend their budgets, and what they cherish most from that special day. Most couples will tell you that they feel that a great photographer is one of the most important vendors to spend time finding. At the end of the most exhilarating day - the only thing left to show for it will be the pictures and or video as a keepsake. Finding the perfect photographer to capture it all can prove to be more challenging than it sou

Changing Times and Traditions

I thought this was an interesting article BY EMILIE LE BEAU LUCCHESI APR 27, 2016 courtesy of Country Living Magazine... 1. Traditional weddings were on weekdays. More than a century ago, there was a rhyme that helped brides pick a date. Mondays were for wealth and Tuesdays for health. "Wednesday the best day of all, Thursdays for crosses, Fridays for losses, and Saturday for no luck at all." The 1903 White House Etiquette guide reminded young, society women of the rhyme and also noted that in addition to bringing terrible luck, Saturday weddings were terribly unfashionable. 2. Weddings were early. "High noon," assured the White House Etiquette guide, was the most fashionable time to get m