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'Tis the Season

Many of us are truly blessed. A roof over our head, heat, clothing, jobs, food on our table, and families and children sharing our laughter during the holiday season... But there are many out there who are not as fortunate.

I ask you all at this time of year to remember the reason for the season. Share, not only during the holidays, but each and every day... Whether it be your time, as little as $2 from your wallet to give a full Christmas meal to someone, a toy or book to a child whose parents may have lost their jobs, a few hours to visit a nursing home resident who may not have family who is able to see them, an animal who has been taken to the shelter due to abuse.... there are so many who could use your help.

Find just one way to pass on the love this holiday.... it always has a trickle down effect! You'll be amazed at how much good will come from one tiny gesture!

There are limitless ways to become involved during the holidays , and tons of charities that can always use support. Find the one that has the most meaning to you and follow your heart and share the love!

Having a wedding during the holidays? Instead of favors for your guests - make contributions on behalf of the guests to your favorite charity. Kids have a snow day? Take them to the nursing home to pass out Christmas Cards and cookies! Have a few extra old blankets taking up room in the closet? Donate to the humane society! Good can come out of every extra second you spend giving to others!

Tis the season to spread the love and share of yourself!

If you would like to help- Wolf Oak Acres will be accepting any and all donations this year for the Rome Rescue Mission until December 15th - anything from food for their Christmas dinners (day of and mobile deliveries), contributions to their toy /clothing/food/coat and winter accessory drive and any of their daily needs - in order to help the several hundred local families they serve during this holiday season.

Please call us with a time if you'd like to stop in and make a contribution OR if you would like to join our family in volunteer hours on Christmas or any other day! #315-762-3090 or

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