Top 15 questions to ask the venue

It's that time of year again! Peak engagement season is now past (Thanksgiving until Valentine's) and all of the newly engaged are coming out in full force to find the perfect location to host their most memorable event.

When starting to seek out that amazing space for the perfect gathering for the wedding... please keep in mind the questions you'll need to ask before committing!

1.) how many can the facility accommodate

2.) are deposits refundable, and what type of payment options

3.) what is included in the fees? what additional fees from the venue are expected or mandated? (insurance, ceremony sites, decor, etc)

4.) Are there back up locations for ceremonies in case of inclement weather

5.) hours of event to be hosted, and if it includes set up and tear down times, what restrictions due to noise ordinances or codes

6.) rules or restrictions for decor and extras: candles, sparklers, confetti, rice, fireworks

7.) Alcohol policy - byob , in house, or catered and additional costs or permits needed

8.) does the venue offer day of coordination, is it required or are outside vendors allowed for this

9.) are parking lots large enough to accommodate your day of numbers, are attendants or off site parking available, and are shuttles for inclement weather provided

10.) How many events per day are allowed, is there time enough for all set up and tear down in between to make it comfortable and least amount of stress and rushing

11.) is the facility handicap accessible - are there staff to help those in need

12.) is the facility climate controlled?

13.) are their extra costs for vendors outside of preferred/exlusive lists to be used

14.) are linens, silverware, china, glass ware provided - or are there additional costs to have them supplied - or is it up to the renter or caterer to supply these items

15.) are there facilities for outside vendors to use (kitchens for caterers, refrigerator for florists, storage for rental items, etc)

While every venue will have it's own set of rules, guidelines and offerings, make sure you are comparing apples to apples and looking for what suits your tastes, budgets and needs to make sure you and your guests are all comfortable and have everything you need. These are just the basics so you don't overlook the most important details! Happy tours and visits!

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