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Latest trends in the wedding industry

It's interesting to see so many new ideas spring to life in the world of weddings...

Recently I was reading an article on a bride who "paid it forward" by donating her wedding dress to anyone who was in need - and just asked that the recipient would just be sure to have the dress dry cleaned and continue to pass forward. What a wonderful way to help others who may not be as fortunate to still have the wedding of their dreams.

Another was the latest offerings in rentals for wedding dresses (just like men have the option for renting tuxedos). Why this wasn't an offering from the beginning is beyond me - but what a perfect option for most women! Check out Borrowing for some great ideas on buying preowned or renting! This really allows you to have the same ability to choose a variety of styles without having the cost of purchasing and then having it sit in a closet for years afterwards.

"Earlymoons" are drastically on the rise too. This is the couples' honeymoon done early! Advanced trips PRIOR to the actual wedding have been on the rise. These are typically planned as a staycation, mini vak or actual all out vacation once the main vendors and most important aspects of the wedding planning have taken place. This allows for the couple to destress, and take some time to reconnect during all of the major hustle and bustle of the planning stage and get a chance to unwind and focus on each other. Keeping focused on the priorities during this time period - each other - helps ensure the couple that they don't let all of the nerve wracking commotion get the better of them and their families during this overwhelming time!

With so many options and new routes being taken instead of following the traditional paths - weddings are becoming more and more unique and customized all the time. They have truly become a no holds barred outlet for the couple to truly express themselves and all of their creativity to their friends and families.

So excited for the future of things to come... and all that we will see even here at Wolf Oak Acres.

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