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Food! Just the thought makes me start drooling - and it doesn't even matter what kind of food.... from appetizers, entrees, late night snacks, or deserts - foods are always a comfort thing....

And what better way to celebrate one of the most amazing events in your life - but to showcase food!

Everyone loves the presentations, the cute and the bedazzling displays of downright deliciousness - but actually eating the food is always the best part! Tantalizing your tastebuds with so many wonderous flavors and aromas! No wonder there are so many new trends in serving food at weddings now! Here are just a few of the most popular examples and how weddings are no longer stuffy, uptight and boring - but can be one of the most fun and exhillarting days ever! And how you showcase your food is only the beginning!

Just a few of the most popular food bars you'll be seeing at the next wedding you attend:

MINI foods: from tiny bite size morsels of grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, or other mini sandwiches and size - perfect for the cocktail hour or the late night snack - you'll feel like a kid again loading up on tiny tempations!

Here are just some of the appetizer or dinner ideas:

Taco stations - with all of the trimmings!

Seafood bar - from oysters, clams, shrimp and more - you'll have a tidal wave of options!

Spud bar- with everything from cheese, sourcreams, chives, bacon, and other sides - your spud can be completely customized!

Mac&Cheese - with toppings from cheese, veggies, and bacons - this is comfort food at it's finest!

Oils- try homemade breads with olives and oils for a new dipping twist during your cocktail hour!

Biscuit bar - you don't have to be from the deep south to enjoy buttery biscuits! Load up your offerings with jams, jellies, marmalades, butters, gravies and more!

Fruit bar- with so many natural sweeties available - you can have a rainbow of textures and tastes from around the world - and always have the option of yogurt dips, granolas, chocolate fountains and more to add a little extra!

Pancakes and waffles - those staples for every brunch - endless are the possibilities for toppings, flavored syrups, jams, and fruits to cover those mouthwatering buttery breakfast treats!

Then you start getting into the desert side of things:

Smore's- always a classic! from varieties of marshmellows, different kids of crackers, and assorted chocolates, peanut butter and fruits - you can turn your craving into a whole new concoction with every bite!

Donuts - have been the most popular late night snack treat for many a wedding this last year - and how can you go wrong! Everyone loves sugary sweet endings to their nights!

Pretzels - salty and sweet! too many options again for toppings or dippings!

Ice cream or Gelato stations- can't say anything other than....mmmmmmmmmm bring it on!

Cotton candy stations - with your pink or blue hues - or why not maple flavored for those fall events!!!

Cookies - no end to the possibilities - and partner up with chocolate, white or strawberry milks for the ultimate late night snack!

There are no holds barred now when it comes to the offerings for food at your wedding! Keep an open mind (and stomach) when considering the type of gourmet goodness you'd like to share!

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