5 Tips for Styling a Beautiful Bridal Party

Bridesmaid dresses tend to get a bad rap, as TV shows and movies haven't

​given them the loveliest of looks. But as the bride — essentially, the director

of the wedding apart from its chief planner — you have the opportunity to

make your bridesmaids feel exceptionally beautiful with thoughtful styling.​

But if you need a little help in the styling department, we've got you covered

with our top five tips for having a stunning bridal party:​

1. Keep the Venue in Mind​

Credit: The Bali Tailor​

Before selecting the dresses for your bridal party, you should first think

about your venue, as it determines crucial components like the weather or

theme. Are you having a wedding during the summer? Dresses in lightweight

fabrics are your best bet. Are you having a glamorous theme? Don't forget to

add some sparkle. Or maybe you’re hosting a countryside wedding? Then this

calls for shoes that won't sink in the grass, like By Far's range of mules with block heels

inspiration needed for your bridal party's dresses.​

2. Try Different Dress Styles​

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Your bridesmaids are the closest people you have in your life, which means

you know that each one has their own personal style. Finding a dress that

will suit everyone can be quite the challenge, so don't be afraid to break tradition and

have different dress styles. As our proprietor Katrina Blanchard previously explained,

having your party wear mismatched dresses is a wonderful way to ensure that

everyone feels comfortable and stylish during your wedding. In this regard, Woman Within's variety of dresses are perfect

for styling your bridal party, thanks to the collection of designs — from their

fun flyaway maxi frock, to their sophisticated lace handkerchief number. If

each bridesmaid feels like their most stylish self, then they'll certainly make

fond memories together on your big day.​

3. Consider the Small Details​

Credit: Essense of Australia​

Variety and individuality shouldn't come at the cost of cohesion, so be sure

to give thoughtful consideration to the other details of your bridesmaids'

look, such as their hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. These may seem like

small aspects of their attire, but coordinating these features will help create

a unified and chic bridal party. Try giving your bridesmaids all up-dos, or the

same lipstick shade. You can even tie their different dresses together by

giving them pearl hair clips like these featured on Glamour, as they add a

sophisticated element to an ensemble. When it comes to coordinating your

bridal party looks, the little details can make a big (and beautiful!) difference.​

4. Don't Play it Safe​

Credit: Burgh Brides​

Although blush, navy blue, and soft gray remain the most popular colors for

bridesmaid dresses, why not mix things up by going for unique colors? For

instance, lavender is a lovely color if you're opting for a look on the sweeter

side, while marsala is a rich shade of red that will work well if your wedding

has a rustic tone to it. Another way to jazz things up is to incorporate

embellishments like lace, sequins, or beads for dreamy bridesmaid dresses.

And if your bridal party has mismatched dresses, the trick here for some

coordinated fun is to stick to a set color palette.​

5. Give White a Chance​

Credit: Midi Bridal​

Wearing white has arguably been the biggest wedding fashion faux pas. But

did you know that having your bridesmaids wear white is actually trendy

now? While this may have started gaining attention back when Kate

Middleton's sister wore white for her 2011 royal wedding, white bridesmaid

dresses go all the way back to 1840, when Queen Victoria chose this color

for her bridal party. If you're up for this trend, not only will you have a regal

bridal party, but you'll have one that looks effortlessly elegant as well. Just

make sure that your wedding gown has a distinct silhouette and fabric so

you can still stand out.

Article contributed by Camilla Pierce

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