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All About the Attitude

As soon as they walk in the door at the wedding venue, you can tell what type of atmosphere and environment will occur over the next several hours.... stress, anxiety, worry, tend to take over and can make people on edge and much shorter with their tempers and hotter with their personalities than usual. When it comes to a wedding, everyone wants the day to be perfect! But when the families and bridal parties already come walking in day of event with an on edge demeanor and short fuses everyone else starts walking on eggshells...

This is the day, of all days, to sit back and relax. Hire those vendors to make your dream team. They will make sure that after all of this time and effort the day will actually run smooth and flawless ( or at least appear that way)! There's no point in the families and bridal parties killing themselves behind the scenes the entire day and not being allowed to partake in the fruit of their labors, let alone celebrate the entire reason for the day's occasion with the wedding couple! This is the one day the families need to put down the burdens, and allow others to finally take the stress off so the day can be fully appreciated. Remember the attitude the couple, family and bridal party give off to all others will set the tone for the entire event! Walking in stressed and nervous will only set off others to follow suit. Have day of help planned to orchestrate the entire behind the scenes and you will finally be able to sit back and enjoy that father daughter dance and spend that quality time with relatives you only see at these memorable events. Take a moment during the mother and son dance to appreciate all of those years of training and raising to become the respectful and loving man you know will make her a perfect husband...

Just remember, the attitude when you first walk in the venue door will make or break the entire event... Put your worries down, leave the work to others for this one day... and sit back and take in every moment, they are fleeting and will be over all too soon!


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