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Wedding School

we are setting up for a series of bridal workshops in possibly april-may to highlight different vendors that would like to run seminars on aspects of the wedding day...


so instead of one huge 8 hour long day that couples could attend - we have been asking and most vendors and couples would prefer an afterhours 7-9 on a wednesday night and host maybe 3-4 weeks of them... we would provide drinks - but looking for different vendors to bring in items - apps/deserts/etc for each event - and then host their 40 minute presentation...



First series: 

Hair & Makeup - tricks, tips, perfect for your features, when to do trials, do of needs, budgets

                        Photography: attire, timeline, first looks, options - engagement sessions, save the dates, etc

                        Catering: creative ways to serve, how to get the most for your money, serving styles and budget differences.

                        this would be from 7-9 pm giving each vendor 20-40 minutes and another half hour at the end for social                         networking , q&a, drinks, entree samples


Second series: Attire - pick the perfect dress, men's attire, fitting for your body style, accessory options

                        Wedding deserts - tips and techniques for choosing amazing deserts, eyecatching displays

                                    options for allergens

                        Design- mapping a successful event, creating spaces with unique props, signage and decor ideas

                        7-9pm with last half hour for q&a drinks samples


third series:  Stationary - invites, save the dates, when to mail, when to rsvp, biggest bang for buck

                  Florals - budgets, options, alternatives - diy activity - how to arrange your own centerpiece

                  day of coordination - timeline planning, seating charts, overall wedding budgets

                  cocktail hour catering - how to plan the perfect cocktail hour, typical menu options, budgets

                  7-9 with q&a time, samples and drinks

fourth series:

venues - diy vs. banquet hall vs home

officiant- licenses, difference in ministers, judges, non denominational, etc. ideas for vows, readings and   specialty      c  ceremony traditions (sand, knot, burnings, etc) 

 Entertainment: how to plan the appropriate playlist, dj vs live, timeline, structure, budget


So we are toying with all of this - and trying to see who we can come up with for "professors" in the field to help teach couples what to expect and prepare for - and showcase their work at each event....


We also have a few other things in the works... but if you are ever interested - let me know!  Love to promote everyone and get them in front of new clients!!!


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