What Everyone Is Saying About Wolf Oak Acres

With so many beautiful and unique weddings taking place at our facility, it's not hard to believe that there's a lot of talk about us, our grounds, and all of our offerings!  Here are just a few places that you can find us mentioned! And some of the great testimonials our clients have left for us!

Univ. CDJR Best Wedding Venues Madison N
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 Premiere         Wedding Destination 

Univ. CDJR Best Wedding Venues Madison N


We are 100% Code Compliant,  Health Department Compliant, 

and NYS liquor license compliant . 

To fulfill code requirements, we are equipped with Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System,  and Water Filtration System.  

We also have our own liquor license.

The facility is completely handicap accessible and climate controlled.

This means that your wedding is safe from:

code, health, and liquor violation venue closures,

and is accessible and comfortable for all guests!

Creek Road     Oneida, NY     13421   315-762-3090