"Do It Yourself" Wedding Venues- the real facts to consider behind the scenes

So many couples are looking for that truly unique venue, backdrop, decor, style, and feel for their wedding day to truly make it their own, instead of the cookie cutter classic. With so many options for venues and settings to make your day stand out it's easy to see why so many couples are overwhelmed with choices!

The days of the "same old same old" are now long gone, a new era and generation are coming through wanting to make sure that their custom tailored event showcases their individual tastes, and suits their every need and desire to really have a completely personalized touch to their day. So - to start their journey the couples must first look at their venue or ceremony/reception sites to be sure they can accommodate all of those personal touches and allow for bringing in your own vendors and decor to make it their own.

This brings us to the new fad in DIY (do it yourself) venues..... whether the classic barn, vineyard, zoo, botanical garden, B&B , estate sites, or any other rental facility that is NOT a turn key banquet hall with the standard one size fits all approach. While they may have gorgeous pictures on pinterest - couples and families must keep in mind the reality behind the scenes of approaching this route for their wedding event.

Do-It-Yourself facilities can be gorgeous and allow for some customization - but many couples forget all of those details that really Make the event..... comfort, logistics, amenities, location, safety, etc.

When handcrafting your own wedding and putting those individual touches in place - keep in mind factors like these will play the most predominant role in the final memories you and your guests will have long after the day has come to a close.

We hear things all the time like " Ugh, my niece had a wedding at a barn and it was so unbelievably hot and unbearable!" They don't remember the color of the flowers, if the up-lighting made the room more vibrant, or if the food was out of this world - if they were having heat stroke in a barn with a metal roof , 200 guests crammed in, no air-conditioning, and no room for dance. They will always remember that event as the most uncomfortable. No matter if you spend lavish amounts of money on the most gorgeous flowers for centerpieces and decor -if there are no fans, climate control, or heat, pending day of weather - your guests will not care about those other details. They'll be looking for the closest exit.

Many times couples become so set on those Pinterest pictures - they forget what behind the scenes details it takes to still make the event a true success...

Always consider your basic needs first when choosing your location for your venue... details can all revolve around that.

Location... will it be convenient to the couple, immediate families, bridal party and guests (in that order) for attending?

Budget .... will the guests and those involved attending have to endure a huge expense to participate in the day that they may not be able to afford? (IE: travel, accommodations, flights/transportation costs, meals, gas, attire)... let alone the budget the bride and groom have set for their facility rentals.

Logistics.... time of day, day of week, month of the year - all will make a difference that may intrude on additional expenses (IE: coming in for a holiday timed event when all lodging is at peak rates or unavailable, or flights cost the most to come in for a Saturday wedding compared to earlier in the week).

Comfort and safety.... will there be adequate shelter in case of inclement weather? Will there be air/heat/fans inside for climate control. Will there be handicap accessibility, bathrooms, transport, elevators, ramps, for those elders or disabled who may need certain help or support and assistance throughout the day.

All of these are extremely important to consider well before the appearance and persona of the venue itself... The facade and decor are all secondary that can always be enhanced and changed. But if the zoo setting is what you want and your pavilion is next door to the elephant enclosure be prepared for foul smells, noise, and insects you may not have noticed in those beautiful photographs you saw online... let alone if the wind picks up and the rain starts and there is no interior escape to run to!

Handcrafting a wedding does not take talent - but just some common sense when constructing your grand design... ask those important questions of yourself first, and the venue owner next to see how all of these undertakings and needs can be met to ensure the quality, safety and overall experience you and your guests will have. Once you have found the perfect location that can provide those basic necessities, then it's on to the fun details that will make it truly unique.....

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