Top 10 ways to Personalize your Wedding

When it comes to planning and designing a wedding, there's never a "One size fits all" approach!

Your wedding day is all about you and the story you want to tell the world about your relationship. Making it unique and individualized by customizing your entire day, and putting your own touches makes it a genuine experience. The best weddings are definitely those that have their own authentic touch, and tell a story that is one-of-a-kind!

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative, and pack your wedding with loads of personality!

The most essential things that shape a wedding are its decorations and amenities for guests. So we are bringing you some easy ways to showcase your individual personalities and flare for entertaining your guests as first time hosts as a newly married couple!

It's all in the Details...

Sit down with your partner and think about what items hold a special place in both your hearts and minds, and how you might incorporate them in your wedding decorations in creative ways.

Take inspiration from passions and hobbies that are shared. There is no limit to how creative you can get when personalizing your wedding decorations. Here are some practical ideas for you:

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Everyone loves Whimsy

Balloons almost seem like a mandatory part of any joyous celebration, and can contribute to color themes, arches, and clusters for a fun display. Pom Poms , Umbrellas, throw rugs, streamers, garlands and other creative and eclectic arrangements can all show off your fun side and creativity!

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Incorporate your Furbabies (on site or in lieu of their participation)

Having personalized tributes to your cute little cuddlies (whether they can be part of your ceremony or remembered and included in other creative ways) will certainly make your event custom designed to all that's important to you! You could also go an extra step and give donations in lieu of wedding favors to local animal shelters or charities. Check out this amazing story about additional ways to incorporate animals through your events:

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Clever Decor and Interactive Guest Spots

There is so much scope for one to get creative with immersive interactions! Souveniers from all over the world can be displayed to bring different vibes, cultures, and ethnicities all together to celebrate the couples heritage or places they've travelled. Offering Cigar bars with hubby's favorite Cubans, tastings from wifey's favorite winery, popcorn bar reminiscent of the first date at the movies, soda float stations in memory of their favorite hangout at the old time diner. Maybe a sundae bar to showcase the couple who can't live without their fave Ben & Jerry's, or have other special offerings for your guests that have special meanings, favorite recipes, or personal stories behind their incorporation.

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Fun Signage and favors

Signage is an amazing way to put a personal stamp on your wedding. Depending on what you and your partner prefer, you could have rustic wooden boards, funky neon lights , marquee letters, or aesthetic handwritten calligraphy signage to grace your wedding!

You could put on display your initials, fun quotes, parts of your vows, and even striking catchphrases.

Signage can either be displayed all around the venue, or even placed in fun locations as backdrops for your guests to take photos!

Photos: Janelle Rodriguez Photography, Stephanie DeMott Photo

Private Labels - water/wine/alcohol

Interesting labels for refreshments, used during the event or as favors, add an impressive touch to your wedding reception. Again, this could include anything you like – a cute picture, your initials, the date of the wedding, funny puns, or even inspirational quotes.

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Have Close Family/Friends create favors

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if your wedding consisted of little tokens of memories made by the people you love and care about given to all who attend! Contributions that family and friends might like to make could include favors that have special meaning to you both or your families: homemade jams from grandma's kitchen, your favorite flowers given as seed packets, or even your favorite local syrups to put on those homemade waffles the next morning! A little reminder of the time they spent with you and your favorite things you love to share!

Photo: Jill Studio

Hand-Made Wedding Cards and Stationary

Personalizing your wedding doesn’t get better than this! If you or your partner is artistically inclined, you could hand-make your wedding cards. If it is a bigger wedding, you could always design one and have it printed on a larger scale.

Photos: Hastings Photography

A Note to Remember

Huge glass jars, Shadow Boxes, Date night Idea Tips are only a few creative ways for your guests to give special notes for you and your significant other. They could include anything they like in their notes, and you will have loads of messages to read from loved ones! Don’t forget to keep paper, pens, and other supplies on a table.

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Custom Sculptures

If you are someone who wants to go the extra mile for the unique focal point, Ice or Carved wood sculptures could make the perfect statement!

Custom Illustrations

Get in touch with a local or small-scale stationery business, and get handcrafted illustrations to decorate your wedding venue. It could be anything ranging from portraits of you and your partner, a colorful venue map, or paintings of your shared journey together! Check places out like: for hand made drawings. How about live wedding painting? Not only does it give you a beautiful memory of your special wedding night - but is an amazing way to entertain guests throughout the event! Look into artists like:

You Do You!

Our final suggestion would be that you do things your way. Don’t worry too much about how a typical wedding is supposed to look, or what if people don’t like it. The key to organizing an authentic wedding is to personalize it to the best of your abilities.

Ditch traditions and focus on what you and your partner want to do to make your wedding extremely memorable and special for the two of you! After all, it is your day, right? And if the two of you are having the best time, your guests will too.

So, if you’re just getting started with wedding decoration prep, sit down with your partner and brainstorm your ideal wedding vision. Whether it is abandoning the wedding cake for a round of martinis, having a full-blown buffet instead of a formal sit-down meal, or swapping out speeches for a karaoke competition, as long as it works for you, it’s perfect!

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