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Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Wedding ​

PHOTO: ​ So you recently got engaged—congratulations! Now comes the daunting task of planning a wedding. With so many aspects of the event to consider, it’s difficult to know how to start with the groundwork. If you are having doubts on how to go about planning, you can begin by asking yourself some questions to help visualize the big day. Get out a pen and paper and sit down somewhere comfortable. After going through these key questions, you’ll have a clearer picture of where to start.​ When do you want to get married?​ Many wedding decisions depend on when you plan on getting married. For one, the time of year can definitely affect your costs. Katherine Martinko claims that venue prices during the months of June to September are much higher than the rest of the year, as it’s when everyone else is getting married. You can actually save a lot by having a wedding during the off seasons like the winter months. Other than that, you’ll have to take into account the time you need to adequately prepare for it. Bigger weddings typically take longer to plan. More intimate weddings usually take less time, but if you're more particular about suppliers, it’s still best to pick a date that gives you some time to properly plan for it and not rush into things.​ Who should you invite?​ This question can get tricky and is something that needs to be given some thought by the bride and groom. Are you envisioning an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends? Or do you want to have a big celebration, inviting a hundred or more people? Knowing who and how many people you want around you during your big day will help you decide the most ideal wedding venue. You can start with a running list of non-negotiable invitees for both sides to get a rough estimate of the minimum number of guests.​ Who do you want to document your big day?​ Wedding documentation is very important. In Top Wedding Questions’ article on the top 50 wedding planning questions asked by brides, they urge them not to cut costs on photography and/or videography. You'll definitely want beautiful photos of one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll want a photographer who can excellently capture these precious moments. A ZenBusiness guide to starting a photography business estimates that there are 201,000 photography businesses in the US, with the industry set to recover despite COVID-19. When choosing the right photography company, it helps to look through the company’s portfolio. Look for wedding photos that you want for your own wedding album, and a style that captures the things you value as a couple.​ What theme are you going for?​ Your wedding theme goes beyond choosing your favorite color. It’s a way of reflecting your personality as a couple into the event. A theme is reflected in every part of your wedding; from the table setup, to the overall venue, to the floral arrangements, to the guests’ dress code. In our previous article on ‘5 Tips for Styling a Beautiful Bridal Party’, we talked about how your theme helps you choose the right dresses for your bridal party. Whether you choose a rustic countryside wedding, a more classic and glamorous theme, or a modern minimalist look, it’s important to choose something that not only looks good, but reflects your story and style as a couple. written for by Camilla Pierce


Katherine Martinko claims that venue prices

In Top Wedding Questions’ article on the top 50 wedding planning questions

A ZenBusiness guide to starting a photography business

In our previous article on ‘5 Tips for Styling a Beautiful Bridal Party’


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