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To Booze, or Not To Booze

So many things change over time when it comes to weddings and traditions, that it's always good to step back and take a look at the how and why things alter for day of events.

Tradition has gone to the wayside for many couples nowadays....

The days have passed for many of the typical church and reception hall events. Today the majority of couples are finding all in one DIY venues as their preference of choice due to the lack of cookie cutter conformity. The young generation is all about instant gratification and customization - which the traditional routes do not tend to cater to.

Rules for weddings have changed over time, from who is supposed to pay for certain aspects, to the amenities required for hosting an event. More and more many couples are on their own for paying for their weddings as parents have been tapped dry (and then some) with college tuition support, and usually housing and other financial stress that have put parents in a difficult place when it comes time to help with wedding expenses.

As many couples are often going it alone financially to host their own day of wedding - finding alternative options to still host an amazing event without all the costs - many have turned to the DoItYourself venues to help keep them in a friendlier budget. Often times typical banquet halls mandate you to use their food , alcohol and sometimes specific vendors for all of the necessities during the event. The costs associated are many times overwhelming. Alcohol is almost always the most expensive item on any wedding budget.... but why???? Alcohol is not expensive per se, so why is it the most high priced portion of any wedding?

So how do we find alternative options to still get that picture perfect day, with hands raised for a toast - without breaking the bank? By opting to find the best priced ways to still obtain the alcohol without all of the markup. Many caterers have their options for full open bar or wine/beer bars... but have you found venues that allow you other alternatives?

We personally decided this winter at Wolf Oak Acres to help our guests by obtaining our own liquor license - allowing them an additional option of Bring Your Own Beverages. While we still have all the same liability and insurances - we make sure guests must use our licensed staff for all serving - but with this route you can escape the mark up on all of the alcohol you need to pacify those with liquor lust during the weddings... Very few places allow this - but always ask - as it can be an easy way to escape a few extra thousand dollars of expenses at your event.

Another option - for those who feel it is necessary to serve liquor as well as the wine/beer... instead of assuming you need a full open bar - how about serving signature drinks instead? This will allow guests to still have a few choice options containing liquor - but now you don't have the cost of an open bar - and all of the waste of tons of open containers that have only had a shot served from them and are now charged an entire bottle from the bar. Beverage dispensers with His and Her signature cocktails are an amazingly easy way to save hundreds if not thousands off of an open bar bill - but still give your guests the gift of liquor at a much more affordable price point .

Signature drinks can be a huge amount of fun as well for your guests - trying to figure out what concoction "Marital Bliss" , "Honeymoon Hooch" or "Blushing Bride" may be all stirred up in that punch bowl or individual specialty glasses.... With options for a both His and Hers there should be more than enough choices to keep everyone at ease, a smile on everyone's face, and a few extra pennies still in the wallets of those who had to cover the party!

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