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Forego Flowers?

fresh floral bouquet

While fresh flowers are gorgeous and stunning for any elegant affair, many couples are now opting for alternatives rather than traditional staples at their weddings. Many reasons from budget, allergies, to accessibility prevent some couples from using live floral arrangements for their day of event.

Costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars on these bedazzling buds that only last the day. With so many new alternative options and lack of traditional norms in today's weddings - more and more couples have found completely new ways to bring in the wedding bliss during their nuptial ceremonies.

Take a look at the gallery we put together of just a few of the amazingly creative concoctions that some couples have come up with in lieu of a traditional bouquet - that can not only be spectacular for pictures but so much easier on the budget!

Everything from balloons, burlap flowers, parasols, pinwheels, lanterns, mason jars, clutches, pomanders, organics - including feathers/pine cones/veggies/fruits/dried flowers & grasses/succulents/ferns/ branches, origami paper/yarn/fabric /silk flower bouquets, brooch or button bouquets and a million more options that can inspire any couple to consider all of their options.

While I certainly love the fresh scents , colors, and details of fresh floral arrangements - with so many options to tap into your creative sides - I would suggest always looking at your budget, allergens, and the creative concepts that allow the individuals to truly express and represent their uniqueness with their bouquets and boutonniers by considering all fresh flower and alternative options to best suit their needs!

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