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Save or Splurge?

While many couples and families feel that weddings are already a huge expense, and a very extravagant affair, others feel that some things are a necessary expense on their day of event....

I've written already about multiple ways to save tens of thousands on the wedding. Easy ways to cut costs and find alternative solutions to some very expensive high ticket items on that day.... But what are some of the most important features you feel are worth the extra cost? What would you be sure to spend extra on just to be sure you have it, or have the best, for that day?

Some feel there really isn't anything in particular that warrants outlandish price tags. Others say photography should be the most important thing to spend extra on , as it's the one cherished long after the event concludes... Others say the entertainment and "extras" that day because it will make it memorable in other's eyes....

Your vote? If you can save thousands on your day of event, have all the basic things you will need and not spend a fortune... would you spend the money you saved on your event at all? Or maybe towards your future?

Put it towards paying off your debt? Getting rid of some of those college loans so you can start off on the right foot? Put a down payment on the new home? Or do some extras on the wedding day for those sharing with you? Fireworks, horse drawn carriage rides, help cover accommodations for those traveling, or special surprise baskets for all of your guests? There are numerous ways money can be spent... but should it be?

How do you all feel on the subject? If you had saved money on your wedding - and were under your max budget - would you save or splurge?

From my standpoint, I would first put a little more towards a decent honeymoon - pending your situations... Just thinking most couples have not started families, are into new jobs, working on new living arrangements, etc - and this may be the only time for quite a while where it will just be the two of you! I would put a little more towards this special one on one time to be sure you have Quality time that you both share!

Any additional I would highly suggest investing in your future. The sooner debts can be paid off, the sooner you can get the deposit for a home, the sooner you can start having families without the constant over head nagging of financial stress ruining the relationship...the easier your future will be.

While that's only my two cents (which is probably worth exactly that!) everyone has their own ideas... I would really talk about the financial end of your wedding before any and all planning begins so it does not cause a rift and divide before the big day even arrives.... So think carefully and work together to plan your financial future - and decide if you have the ability to save or splurge which is best for you both on your wedding day!

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