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Budget Savvy - The Dress

This month we'll start the new year off right - by focusing on tons of ways to save some big bucks on your wedding day! We'll offer tons of behind the scene tips that can show you ways to save a little here or there, and end up saving you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars off of your overall budget. ( and who doesn't like to save a little green?!?!)

Weddings here in the Upstate NY region are an average of $35,000 in today's market. While major metro areas are looking at a nearly $100,000 price tag per event. Of course I understand that many have dreamed of this one day their entire lives, and want everything to be as picture perfect and glorious as they had always imagined... and it certainly can be! But it doesn't have to have the hefty price tags to go with it!

This week we'll focus on THE DRESS. While many may turn up their nose at some of these ideas, please keep in mind they are just being suggested as easy ways to have the same looks without all of the extra expense, and may not be the perfect fit for all tastes!

Find the styles you love, and be sure they fit your body tip and figures, as well as your comfort levels for your day. ( IE:Do not wear a strapless gown that you will walk around in holding up your chest afraid that it's going to fall off, nor a longsleeve gown if you are going to push them up to your elbows..) But look at all of the designer labels you have just narrowed it down to, and then look at those price tags! You'll see in a second that most are a minor fortune just for the dress (sometimes more than your entire wedding budget!) Now take a look at those favorites and start researching the knock off brands. Many times you can find an almost identical look for nearly a fraction of the cost. Nobody has to know what label is inside!

There are dedicated online retailers who sell pre-owned gorgeous gowns that have been lightly used - but again can be purchased at a fraction of original price tags. (Check out places like,,, and for unbelievable bargains) Thrifty stores and consignment shops can carry some amazing deals on wedding dresses. There are also many facebook pages that have Wedding Recycle or Wedding Buy/Sell/Trade where you can find all wedding items along with dresses for sale, as well as Craigslist postings. Look for deals at the bridal shops once the main season is over. New styles and trends will be coming in, which means that all of the current dresses need to go at huge savings to make room!

I would also recommend looking at evening gowns and prom dresses at the department stores and bridal shops. Many dresses can also double as a wedding gowns. These can always be used as is or embellished to give them a little extra bling for your day - but will give you a lot of bang for your buck! Holiday dress and Black Friday sales can additionally save you tons of money on a gorgeous dress.

Saving hundreds to thousands on the dress will go a long ways when that money can be used towards so many other day of needs! Many more money saving ideas will come again next week!

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