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Springtime Weddings

Trends seem to come and go.... Over the years Upstate NY used to see most weddings occurring during April - June. Cooler weather, spring flowers, birds chirping, the colors and feel for a whole new expecting season along with a new life for the couples to look forward to seemed to be the way to begin the new year. THe last few years we've seen a shift in the times weddings are being most sought after - from spring til fall. It seems that everyone now a days wants fall foliage, cooler fall temps and a different backdrop for their weddings then those past.

While all weddings are beautiful - no matter what time of year, spring weddings still have that essence of newness, anticipation, a whole new life and journey just beginning for both the natural surroundings as well as the couple setting forth on their new life as one.

Tips for spring weddings - Always have a back up plan! While you may want those gardens in your ceremony with the tulips and daffodils, hyacinth and violets.... it's still most likely going to be very wet! Keep in mind those quick passing by showers, and always think of your guests as well.... it's not much fun to get your feet soaked walking through grass and gardens to attend a ceremony - then having to spend the next 6 hours in wet soggy shoes! So be considerate when determining your location. You may want to opt for indoors - and just have bridal party (wearing an extra pair of shoes) go out for pictures.

Temperatures.... here in CNY they fluctuate within 50 degrees in a 24 hour period! So while it may be 70 degrees the day before the event - don't count on nature providing a perfect day for you... If you go outside - be sure to have areas for your guests to walk with out having to go through puddles or wet grass, have a few blankets on hand for those who may not have dressed appropriately to sit outside long in cooler degrees. Always have water on hand for those who may need it. Keep things like bug repellants and bee sting meds close by - as those little pests may show up during your event...

Have umbrellas handy as well, and consider a tent or indoor location for the "just in case" scenario.

Spring is humbling with it's vibrant colors, glorious blooms, radiant skies, and breathtaking new freshness.... just be prepared if hosting a wedding during this time that you and your guests stay comfortable! It will be the most gorgeous and memorable day no matter what!

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