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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

At the Wolf Oak Acres venue we have thousands of guests come through each season, with hundreds of bridal party members and dozens of brides. Every event - no matter how thorough they all tried to be - someone at somepoint has forgotten something! To ensure the day goes smooth for everyone - from the couple, to the bridal party, to the guests - pack the ultimate wedding day emergency kit to ensure you can be the lifesaver when something goes awry with plans, there is a mishap with a dress, or a blister on the guests foot that is intolerable!

While we always provide our own baskets for our guests, here is a list of all the items we have seen requested at some point during almost every event that you can take to your next event:

breathmints/gum fragrance

toothbrush/paste face mist

dental floss blotting paper

tweezers stain remover pen

makeupbag/lipstick fashion tape

hairspray bobby pins

hair elastics earring backs

tissues baby powder

deodorant straws - drink without hurting lipstick!

lighter lint roller

lotion mini sewing kit

white duct tape white chalk - cover up stains if pen doesn't work

razor pen & paper - last minute notes/speeches

extension cord phone charger

crazy glue high heel protectors (walking on lawns for pics!)

safety pins cash

sunblock sunglasses

umbrella bugspray

comb/brush scotch tape

scissors lip balm

nail kit - cutter/files

personal hygiene items

clear nail polish - chips or panty hose runs

mini first aid kits: band aids, cotton swabs, antiseptic cleaners, neosporin, benadryl

mini medicine kits: pain meds, allergy meds, antacids, etc

hardware kit: hammer, screwdriver, pliers, basics ( we've seen necklaces and bracelets needing to be fixed , back of picture frames come apart, wire hangers or fixtures needing mending, etc)

The other necessities: WATER AND SNACKS!! Keep hydrated and don't get hangry!

.....this list will all help in any last minute mini emergency!

This can all be in one small box kept in a vehicle - or a big over the shoulder bag that can be brought to the changing room - so all of those extras are at hand in case emergency strikes and you can be the superhero of the event coming to the rescue!

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