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Uniquely creative alternatives to guestbooks

It seems like everyone used to always have a guest book at every wedding .... but nowadays the younger generations are always trying to set themselves apart by having new custom made everything instead of traditional items for their own spin on the wedding day.

Here are just a few of the latest trends we've been seeing when it comes to the traditional guest book signing - and the new alternatives couples are using instead!

Wood slabs are being used for signatures, and then turned into artwork for the home! We've also seen oars, skiis, adirondack chairs, furniture, and many other heirloom pieces that the couples will use and display lovingly in their new homes.

Vintage items like typewriters are being used for leaving love notes and stuffing them in envelopes or their first mailboxes for the bride and groom to read!

Polaroid pictures of the guests with their signatures and comments as a momento...


Messages with the key to marital success or advice for the couple to listen to....

Globes or maps with guests signing locations they came from, or places they recommend the bride and groom visit on their bucket list....

Thumbprint stations - with everyone's unique fingerprint to sign their painting or pictures...

Signing the Artwork or the matting that the couple will display in their home...

There are endless possibilities! We've seen other sports finatics who've had custom jerseys made with their names and guests sign, footballs, baseballs, soccer etc - that they encapsulate after guests sign on showcase in their homes. Date night suggestions are made and couples will draw from their list of ideas every month during their first few years to have a personal night out together to reconnect.

Signing wine or champagne bottles - which the couple drinks on their anniversary. Signing of Christmas ornaments to adorn their first tree...

And the ideas will continue to be overwhelming with the amount of creative ideas that will keep coming up making the original guestbook seem overwhelmingly boring! Share your ideas with us!

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