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Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Tips

4 Tips When DIY-ing your Wedding Flowers

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One of today’s most popular wedding trends right now is DIY-ing. From the invitations to wedding favors, DIY-ing your wedding is one of the best things you can do to save money. One of the most popular forms of DIY is for wedding flowers. While taking care of the flowers yourself is a great way to save, it can be somewhat stressful and the last thing any bride needs is more stress! Here are 4 tips to help make your floral DIY experience as easy as possible.

Have The Right Tools

There’s nothing worse than having all of your flowers ready to go and realizing at that very moment that you don’t have all the necessary tools. The right pair of snippers is crucial when DIY-ing your bouquets. Kitchen scissors may work but are often dull, so when looking for a pair of shears, splurge on some Floral Snippers. They’re generally inexpensive and will certainly come in handy when the time comes to start clipping your flowers! To ensure you don’t forget anything, create an essential checklist with all the tools needed. It will make planning and creating your bouquets so much easier!

Order from a Vendor You Trust

One of the most stressful things with DIY-ing your own flowers is making sure that your flowers not only come in time but are also going to be fresh for the big day. Online floral company, The Bouqs has a farm to table system set in place so all flowers ordered are cut the very same day and shipped out. To ensure that you’re getting the best possible, make sure you check out plenty of reviews before deciding which company you’re going to go with.

Take Care of Your Flowers

As flowers generally arrive one to two days early before the big wedding day, it’s imperative that you keep your flowers alive and well so they’re looking as fresh as possible. In order to do this, make sure that you keep your flowers don’t get direct sunlight. If they get into direct sunlight, you risk having the flowers start to wilt. Try to keep your flowers in a cool, shady place.

Recycle your Flowers

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and order extra flowers just in case. With the extra flowers that you don’t end up using for the bouquet or decorations, there are fun ways to not let them go to waste. One is cutting up the extra flowers into petal confetti! Once the confetti is all cut up, you can give your guests vases so they can use them to toss as soon as you’re married. Another fun idea is to make floral ice cubes. Of course, make sure that the flowers you’re using are edible but this is a fun way to brighten up your guests drinks and also add a nice aroma.

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