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Designing for a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. To make one of the most memorable days of your life just a little easier, consider the following tips for choosing your themes, colors and wedding decor.

On Theme

Your furniture preferences are an excellent guide when it comes to picking a wedding theme. If you tend to favor traditional styles, you'll probably want a theme that portrays classic elegance in a timeless venue like a church or historic home. People who like boho or shabby chic decor tend to gravitate toward beachfront weddings with themes to match. Rustic tastes lead to simple decorations, typically held at barns or backyard venues. Those who love mid-century modern style should pick a theme that leaves room for contemporary twists on classic wedding decor.

Of course, factors like the time of year and available venues can affect what you choose. The idea is to pick something that appeals to your preferences.

Picking Wedding Colors to Match

Color theory is extremely helpful when it comes to designing your wedding color palette. No matter if you decide to go with all warm hues, cool tones or complementary shades, the color wheel is your best friend.

Do you really love black, white and red living rooms or feel a serene pale blue, yellow and white bedroom is aesthetically pleasing? Build a dream board that makes the perfect starting point for your wedding colors.

Once you settle on theme and color, use sort by style or sort by color tools to get connected with affordable wedding decorations.

Helpful Wedding Decorating Ideas

Since the wedding decor should reflect your theme and colors, take a look at these common styles for some specific decor suggestions:

  • Classic - Consider filling reception halls with elegant light fixtures and flower arrangements as wedding table centerpieces.

  • Rustic - Wicker dining chairs and eclectic wall art can give your rustic wedding a little extra texture and warmth.

  • Backyard Wedding - Bring out your color palette by placing outdoor throw pillows throughout your reception area or go with gauzy white draped panels to set a romantic tone.

While the majority of wedding decorating tips will depend on the mood you want to create and the color scheme you've chosen, some advice is universal. So remember, always look for deals and bargains, and keep an eye out for decor you can reuse later. Above all else, enjoy your special day with your new spouse!

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