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Picture Perfect

After nearly 300 weddings held at our facility - we certainly have our fair share of stories when it comes to seeing the behind the scenes of one of the most amazing days a couple will share.

What I have come to notice is that all couples have different priorities on where to spend their budgets, and what they cherish most from that special day.

Most couples will tell you that they feel that a great photographer is one of the most important vendors to spend time finding. At the end of the most exhilarating day - the only thing left to show for it will be the pictures and or video as a keepsake. Finding the perfect photographer to capture it all can prove to be more challenging than it sounds.

The market seems to be saturated with "photographers" everywhere you look. However, finding the real professionals will prove worthwhile when you do your research. Since the invention of the cell phones with cameras - almost everyone out there thinks they can take pictures. But only the true artists who have taken the time to learn the trade, lighting, settings, and all of the details needed with editing, and touching up all of the thousands of pictures they take

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