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75 inspirational photo ideas at Wolf Oak Acres

Everyone dreams of having that picture perfect day for their wedding! You don't plan on worse case scenarios for those swoon worthy pinterest pictures you've envisioned creating on your most important event day! Nor do you ever dream you'll have a monsoon, nor'easter, or power outages, let alone, flash flooding, droughts, or snow storms on your day of event.... but all of those things have happened to the least suspecting of our wedding couples - and you still won't believe the pictures that have come about from this property during all of it! Lucky for them - this facility is prepared for it all!

Here are only a few examples of the backdrops you'll find during any weather, season, and conditions at the Wolf Oak Acres facility.....

The facility itself is an 8,000 sf fully climate controlled, handicap accessible venue with all of the bells and whistles! (this includes a 45,000 watt generator!) Weathered wood, rustic charm, modern amenities and elegance all come into play and can make for some unique photo ops alone....

A private covered bridge, created for pedestrian use over the Cowasellon Creek to enter the property grounds from the parking area is the only covered bridge within Madison County.

Inside of the facility you'll find some stunning backdrops, along with decor based on families taste and creative inspirational props they may bring in. The building is customized and tailored to suit each couple, and will never look the same for any event!

Outside on the grounds - with over 200+ acres you'll find a stunning array of places for your pictures. The cottages and chapel can make for a quaint visceral setting....

Always changing meadows, fields, and crops, along with mountain drop backgrounds, this valley has tantalizing sunsets and more rainbows than you could imagine. This will create picture perfect places for your memories to be made.

What about all of the ceremony locations?

Can you imagine a private for waterfront ceremony with reflections, or a pond for fishing, boating, or

sunset pictures?!

If you prefer, there's always the woodland creekside area... this allows for foliage, greenery, shade and still have a waterfront set up next to a babbling trout stream, with enchanted ferns and rope swing!

I think by far one of the most romantic areas we've seen the couples taking advantage of recently is the new waterfall and pond that have just made for some jaw-dropping wedding photo inspo!

Whatever type of wedding, backdrop, or theme you may have planned - whether laid back, rustic, country, with sandals, shorts, pig-roasts, or high end with black ties, caviar and champagne... Wolf Oak Acres fits the bill. All of the extra amenities and top notch customer service included!

With amazing photo ops like no other place - who wouldn't want their pinterest pictures coming to life on the biggest day of their lives!! Come visit us to see for yourselves the natural beauty and historic site that this venue has to offer! #315-762-3090

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