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Themed Weddings

Themed weddings can be a truly fun and creative way to have an entertaining wedding event. There are limitless possibilities from color themes, decor, novelties, and more to choose from and an endless array to incorporate it! (Think Great Gatsby, Marvel Comics, Woodland Whimsy, Disney, or so many others!)

One thing that I have noticed is that so many couples live on Pinterest and try to incorporate too many ideas into one event, unable to keep it streamlined so that it becomes overwhelming . I would highly recommend one theme, consistent and simple throughout the entirety of your project. There's no reason to overdo.... simple statements will be remembered and carry their mark.

From masquerade balls, fall themed colors and harvest decor, superhero capes and masks, Kentucky Derby horses and mint juleps, or any other creative idea you may have to wind through your dreams of wedding perfection, all can be done with class and elegance and leave quite the impression on your guests.

While there are millions of boards with gorgeous pictures that are so hard to choose from for ideas - trying to incorporate all becomes not only ungodly expensive, but chaotic in your guests eyes when they don't even know what to focus on when entering your venue. Finding the right balance is a project in itself. Keeping the decor tactful is key.... by cluttering your event with every object pertaining to your theme your guests will be discouraged from enjoying the novelty of it all when senses become overrun.

Ceremony areas - I highly suggest keeping ceremony areas simple. The focus here is to be on the two of you, your promises, and all that you are offering to each other in front of your witnesses.... Don't have your guests being distracted with so much decorum and fluff that they forget about you! Have some light and easy decor for your pictures to enhance a simple backdrop - but lavish displays of abundance in this area will take away the attention from where it needs to be focused. (You may also want to consider wedding etiquette rules and have an unplugged ceremony so guests will remain focused on you, and your photographer may get the pictures you dream of without having the guests sticking their cell phones in the way of the picture perfect moment.)

Cocktail hour area- A time for mingling and perusing - a perfect time to have themed drinks and decor celebrating your event and new found marriage status. Decor, hangings, and costumes can certainly liven things up heading into the big finale at the reception.

Centerpieces, music, fabric/colors, decor, and lighting will all certainly create a new mood that can be entwined with the theme of the day....

Look at day of coordinators that have rentals and tons of themes they may have previously worked with - as they would be able to help carry it through your event seamlessly without becoming obsessive with adding too much. Renting is usually much cheaper than buying all of the materials to create those DIY projects, and then can be given back at the end of the event instead of being condemned to the basement for eternity once your day has concluded.

Have fun with your day but remember - theme or not - that the day is supposed to be about you and your significant other making promises to each other... while it can certainly make for a gorgeous event or fun and entertaining atmosphere themes are always secondary to the main event!

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