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Wedding day forecast... pictures during the NOT so sunny Big Day!

With spring in full bloom, and wedding season now underway, I've been hearing many people commenting on how they just pray for good weather on their day of event. I know it seems to be ideal to have the gorgeous sun, perfect comfortable temperatures, and idyllic backdrop for your wedding day.... but lately I've seen more and more unique and unbelievable pictures coming from taking advantage of the NOT SO GOOD weather!

Great things can come of rain, snow , and other conditions mother nature may decide to bless us with that day.... The spectacular glassy reflections from wet hardscapes after the newly fallen drops, the glistening raindrops look like crystals in the sun, the striking storm clouds create a truly mesmerizing effect in black and white, the heavenly snowflakes crystallizing on the trees and grounds in your background...... there's so many wonderful ways to take advantage of the weather!

Easy props like umbrellas, fun and colorful rainboots, wooly warm blankets, reflections, rainbows, and other creative ideas can be incorporated into those not so seemingly perfect weather wedding days - for an even better chance for the most unique and memorable pictures!

Don't forget that your day is what you make of it - love and joy ALONG with sunshine all come from within!!! Always make the most of your surroundings!

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