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Pros and Cons of a Memorial Day Weekend Wedding Date

With spring on its way, there are always lots of discussions over the best wedding dates to pick after the engagement season... Choosing a holiday weekend always has its pros and cons and can become quite the controversial topic and center of debate when picking your wedding date.

Every couple and family will need to certainly put much thought into the date they choose as they weigh their options when determining the best date for their families for their celebratory event.

Many people have held annual traditions of honoring those served, hosting or attending parades, picnics, bbq's, and other festivities over that long May weekend each year. When considering hosting your wedding over this particular observed holiday - please consider the families and friends you are asking to attend and some of the choices you are asking them to make.

With many of your guests possibly attending these other events as an annual tradition - are they willing to sacrifice the observance of this particular holiday, miss their usual annual hosted events, and travel during a weekend when many are on the road? Costs may be higher during these periods with hotels and transportation tending to hike prices over holidays, and make their participation more expensive. Will you be understanding if any of your guests decide to decline for the above reasons, without feeling hurt? Or is it more important to have those people participate in your event ? Before completely deciding on your date - those closest to you should be brought in on the matter before settling and committing to your chosen time.

While some may feel it is not worth losing a few of their guests competing with the holiday travel or possible higher expenses.... many feel the pros outweigh the cons. A full extra day of travel time, most have no school or work to interfere or conflict with over this weekend. It is a chance to still honor those in the armed services and have a longer time to visit with those who attend your event. In many areas travel and hotel may not increase in price (some larger cities may have price gauging due to larger attended events like Indianapolis or metro areas) but smaller areas may not see this over this particular weekend, and may still be relatively inexpensive as it is still prior to the main summer season travel. Many venues and vendors may offer discounts for the off days over this weekend whether or not it's a holiday. Finding many more entertainment options for those visiting that weekend can also be an added bonus with local parades, fireworks, and other activities happening to keep everyone happy.

It's always best to weigh in the thoughts and concerns of any of your guests that you are firm on participating during your wedding. You will certainly never please everyone - but those you care most about you'll want to have at your event - and you'll need to listen to their concerns if you want them to attend... so weigh options carefully as EVERY family will have different needs!

As for me personally.... We are celebrating our 25th anniversary over this coming 2022 Memorial Weekend holiday - and it worked out remarkably for us!!!!

We can also say that at this time the 2022 and 2023 Memorial weekends are still open at Wolf Oak Acres if you decide to tie the knot and are looking for the perfect place with venue and onsite lodging!

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