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Start off on the Right Foot...

I came across a local magazine (bridal issue) and was just flipping through. I happened to stop at a specific article that for some reason caught my attention. The main jest of the entire story was that it is the Bride's day and as long as you have a "happy wife you'll have a happy life...."

This person suggested that the men can take part in the day and not feel left out by having their own signature drink, cigar bar, or other manly touch to the event - but to leave the rest to the woman.....

First off, I read this article nearly 3 weeks ago - and it has bothered me to no end since... hence me writing this a week before this will actually publish. Even as a woman I completely disagree with this train of thought.

Marriage is about sharing, and that means everything, being open and honest, and part of a joint collaboration trying to get through this crazy life! Starting off saying that the wedding is the woman's responsibility to take care of, and let the details be decided by her is not the best road to take. It may be true that many men my not honestly care about the color of the napkins, or if there is enough bling in her tiara, or what the color palette for the flowers may be... People comment on how every girl dreams of being a princess and this is HER day to shine! But what about the men? Don't you think that this is THEIR day as well? Hopefully this will be a one time experience for both parties - and both should start off on the right foot and begin their journey together by sharing in the duties and responsibilities jointly.

No matter how trivial it may seem - it always means more when you have the respect of your significant other by INCLUDING them, not shunning them thinking they aren't worthy or capable of making decisions on a day like this. If you don't think they can help decide on these details - what about all of the rest of the days of your lives together???? If they aren't capable now - why do you think that would change once the vows are said?

Together as a couple you can move mountains, share so many dreams, and live knowing you have your soulmate by your side. Those ideals need to start the day you decide you want to marry - not after the party is over... Include each other in every aspect - you'll certainly gain more respect and a deeper love for each other by sharing that day, not feeling that one person should ever be placed over the other.....and certainly allow each other to contribute to the entire event. It is not just Her day but HIS too, which means it is YOUR DAY TOGETHER!!!!

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