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Bridal Party Attire- breaking traditions....

Sitting at a large family gathering to celebrate multiple birthdays and anniversaries - several younger members of the family were discussing all of the baby showers, bridal showers and weddings they have to partake in this summer. The subject veered towards all of the expenses the bridal party has to fork over to be involved with the event. This is where the conversation started getting heated over the expense of attire for a one day event. All members of the family chimed in on this aspect.

The men all seemed to agree that the trend of slacks, shirts, business casual type of attire was wonderful as it allowed them more comfort and less expense for the event. Black tie and rental wear that typically need alterations and a bigger price tag were never anything the men looked forward to. But the new styles and relaxed look - allows the men to find attire that they can reuse AND spend less on, but are able to keep for everyday wear as well... making it a much more cost effective option for men to participate.

The women have also changed traditions, and are allowing a more relaxed and cheaper alternative for the bridesmaids as well. Instead of the bride picking out one gown that all the women are supposed to follow suit and wear in their own respective sizes, many are opting for a color palette of choice and allowing their girls to pick their own dress to suit their size and budgets just following the color of choice. Others are allowing for mismatched attire making the party very colorful and comfortable. This is a wonderful way to allow the participants more options and the ability to participate and stay in a better budget. Most girls will opt towards a dress style they know they'll be able to wear for multiple occasions and find one that suits their body style and be the most flattering, as well as easier on the purse!

We had multiple generations all sitting in on this conversation from 16 years up to 76 years old - and all agreed that allowing the bridal party to choose their most flattering styles, a comfortable fit, and the freedom to choose their own design and price point makes it much easier for those who have been asked to stand in on the affair to participate. Weddings are costly for all involved - but it's always nice to be considerate of those going out of their way to be there. This is a huge way to thank those who are standing by your side!

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