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Dramatic Detail...

There are some things you may not really notice when walking into a room... but those details can make a big difference when you are throwing a once in a lifetime wedding. The entire mood, feeling, and persona, can be drastically effected by those subtle things that are easy to over look.

It's these differences I want to highlight and focus on today - as it can make a difference in your overall desired effect on your event. Here are a few pictures of our downstairs of the facility. We keep things plain and simple so our guests can decorate any way they choose. We don't want to interfere with their overall grand design or scheme with our own personal decor...

Now look at the same space with a little bit of draping....

And now with draping and uplighting...

Now lets look at the upstairs.... before and after with some draping...

While many people may not consider draping and or up-lighting to be a necessity - please keep in mind the feeling you are trying to convey when people walk in the room... If you are looking for a specific atmosphere - these extras can really pack a punch and transform your event into an "it's ok space" into a completely over the top extravagant affair. Color will change the tone of your guests in the room, as will the decor... So keep things like this in mind when you are deciding on how best to decorate your space - whether it may be in a tent, a barn, a reception hall or your own back yard.

It's the little things you do that can make the biggest wow factor when walking into a room!

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