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The Fave Favors...

Over the last 3-7 years wedding trends have gone towards the rustic and country inspired themes. From locations, decor, favors and more - burlap and lace, baby's breath and milk cans, mason jars, koozies and wood birch everything has certainly been the rage.

Well times are changing once again! As so many of the younger generation attend several weddings each and every year, you can only go to so many rustic themed events and bring home drawers and cupboards full of these favors after each one, that the fad is finally fading out. There are so many alternative options for favors and themes nowadays it's hard to really predict where trends may take us over the next few years - as all couples are wanting to totally customize their event in so many different ways - from the wedding sites to the entertainment and all of those details like decor and favors.

However I can tell you where the trend seems to be heading - and for many good reasons!

Most wedding guests do not honestly care about bringing home the potted succulents - if they have long drives , flights or transportation restrictions - they have no way to get fragile pots and plants home! If you get a mason jar at the event - many expect you to use it during the entire night for all of your drinks ( switching from beer to wine to mixed drinks all in the same glass NEVER happens! AND once dirty - it's left on the table - as nobody wants to take a dirty beer mug in the car or plane !) How often do people really plant all of those seeds? and in what space or garden? Or after the hundreth koozie in one summer is there more room in the drawer for another? So really consider your guests and what they would really appreciate at the end of the day!!! If you're going to be putting money into it - it should be something they can actually use or want - and not something to clutter space or be thrown in a drawer!

The main trends now??? FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD!!!!

Who doesn't want food? It is almost never left behind , forgotten, or thrown away! AND it can be one of the cheapest forms of thanks if it's incorporated into your food for the event as well! Having a candy buffet? Give out some colorful goodie bags! Having a popcorn bar? Leave some pinstriped bags to go! What about those scrumptious cupcakes? You got it.... wrap it up for the road!!!

OR - make it something a little more special -who doesn't love their cup of joe? or a nice aromatic blend of teas? Revolve the ideas around seasonal, holiday, or local tastes and offerings. Caramel apples in the fall, wines and brews, syrups, honey, jams and other delectable treats from the local area to give everyone a taste of the region during their seasonal peak! Items like these never seem to go to waste! It's a wonderful way to promote the go local movement, support the surrounding areas of the event, and give your guests a taste of something they'll truly enjoy - instead of another dust collector on the shelf!!!

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