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Video , Photo, or BOTH?!?!

For many couples starting on the wedding planning journey, budgets are a big concern....

While some may have financial help, or have been offered help along the way, most newly engaged couples are deciding how to have everything they want but keep it affordable and manageable.

You'll hear many times during the planning stages, couples trying to find ways to cut costs and find decent priced vendors. The one area almost all agree on is that the pictures that are going to come from that day are top priority - as that is the only artifact remaining once the day has passed. Many understand the importance of putting a little more than bare bones towards this particular aspect during their budgeting stage. Yet many couples are not considering the full array of what is available...

Everyone automatically knows that every wedding needs to be captured on film, and has a photographer. Most believe that only the wealthy can afford to have a photographer and a videographer or cinematographer capture all of those most cherished memories. So automatically many couples forgo the videographer and just look at photographers for their big day - if they are on a more stringent budget. Many seem to forget what each offers to see which may truly be the best fit in every aspect - from budget, services and end product.

In the CNY region most day of wedding photography can be found in budget sizes ranging from $1-5,000 (with a few going even higher for day of coverage). The average is around $2500 for a full day of photographer. Comparing the cost of these professionals to videographers is typically almost identical in this region - with most video coverage again averaging in that same $2500 median range.

While most couples do not have the ability to spend $5000+ to have both in attendance during their wedding, if you had to choose 1, which would it be?

Almost all couples, hands down, always say .... Photography!

But I'm asking you to look from another perspective. If both have full day coverage and both are averaging the same budget.... why is it you are choosing one over the other? and how are you making that determination? Many will say they want the photo albums and pictures to hang and showcase, and that video you'd have to sit and watch . How often would they ever do that? and Nobody else would ever see those moments on video..... There's many excuses as to why couples over look this critical day of service.

I'm asking you all to consider a few things. With Video - you are able to capture both audio and visual footage from your day... Interviews with grandparents offering words of wisdom and advice to the couple, an aunt singing a solo as you're walking down the aisle, the best man's speech, a child discussing their favorite aspect of the day's events.... There are so many little things that can be captured and heard throughout the day that will never be part of a picture gallery. While you may think that nobody would ever sit down and enjoy a video if you just purchased that package - think again! Not only do you now have that video footage... but every single frame on those videos can always be divided and singled out. So why not take the video - find all of your favorite still frames and make an album yourself? This way you have the best of both worlds... only spending money on one vendor, but now having the ability to keep their packages in tact - but create completely new ones on your own. Use the videos to make all of your own albums and pictures with the individual frames you decide on, and still have your own movie to show to your children down the road where grama is offering advice to you and your little ones!

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