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Don't forget the Staff!

We've now had our fair share of weddings - every different and completely unique! And we have had a few that truly stand out... and not necessarily for the right reasons!

Now everyone has their own taste and priorities when it comes to the food being served at the main event. And with a Do It Yourself venue - typically the skies the limit as most facilities allow you to cater in whatever you like.... In so doing however - PLEASE keep in mind a few different aspects that will tremendously impact your event in so many ways!

While you may have your different menu options, as well as serving styles, the most important thing to remember is staffing for your dinner! While most caterers are full service - there are many others who may not be! For a wedding - most guests are going to expect that even if you have a buffet - that the tables will be bused and cleared throughout the night. With full service - you receive just that ! Non stop service throughout the entire event. However - if you bring in a bbq joint that just has a server showing up to switch out trays during a buffet line and you have 300 people and rented china and glassware for the event... who do you think is cleaning, bussing, scraping, washing, crating and taking back all of the rentals ? I honestly don't believe any bride and groom want that responsibility , and neither do most family members at the end of such a long day! If you have decided to go this route - find staffing that can come in and clear, clean, scrape, crate , and any other details needed to keep your dining experience from becoming a huge disaster zone by the end of what should have been an amazing evening. Guests will remember the disorganized chaos and mess. While any venue will recommend always having full service catering on hand for a wedding - sometimes the food of choice comes from smaller mom and pop facilities or restaurants who just don't have staffing for large events off premise. If this is the case it's a great idea to have your venue or coordinator make suggestions on where to find wait staff to be sure your reception can go smooth and keep it clean and neat for a much better experience for your family during this memorable event!

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