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Shoo Fly!

The wedding is one of the most highly anticipated days a couple looks forward to... Months of planning, dreamy decor, picturesque settings, everyone dressed to the nines, and bugs???

Vendors and guests coming in and out of the venue, a revolving door with everyone setting up, moving and carrying all of those detailed intricacies to their final places..... while all the while food is cooking, lights are on, and those nasty little pests are moving in!

Insects smell the flowers and food, while the heat, lights and ongoings seem to be a beck and call to all of those annoying and irritating flying, crawling, stinging, biting nuisances. Next thing you know your venue is now a three ring circus for all of those "unwanted guests".

While many of your typical outdoor venue places like barns, zoos, wineries, and other sites you may have decided on to hold your event are common ground for these parasites, even your city and suburb venues can become a haven for any type of bug. As venue owners there is only so much we can do - when guests in the facilities refuse to follow the rules...including the couple and families with their vendors. While we can ask repeatedly for everyone to keep facility doors shut for various reasons - including keeping in the a/c so the climate control will work properly and keep your guests comfortable, but most importantly to keep the bugs from harassing guests during your event and those future events booked for later or the next few days.

We can't stress enough how horrid and repulsive it is to walk into a reception hall to see flies crawling on the wedding cake, on the buffet lines and in your guests hair! Your guests will most like say the same! I don't think anyone wants to have the highlight of the event being someone swatting at flies on the wedding cake and having it splatter the bride and groom seconds before the cake cutting takes place! Or having guests remember yours as the most gruesome bug infested event they've attended.

So my suggestion for any event: If you are hosting in a park setting, barn, or any outdoor reception event - try to have insect control installed prior to the event. Things like tiki torches, citronella or geraniol candles, insect repellent sprays, natural plants surrounding your area that are insect repellents, or garden spray that keeps them at bay, allethrin lamps, bti briquettes in standing water areas, but the most important - be considerate and do NOT prop doors at your event hall! While it may seem to be a hassle while loading and unloading having to open and close doors every time you come in - even those few extra minutes of just propping can bring in those few pests that will be the most memorable source of obnoxious activity during your day!

wedding day is one of the most dreamed of and anticipated days most couples look forward to. Looking forward to the excitement, dreamy atmosphere, picturesque settings, Wedd

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