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A Load of Bull

While this may not be the typical blog post from me.... I had to pass along! This past weekend we had 3 back to back weddings once again... beyond exhausted I really thought this was a joke and couldn't really be happening!

During the guests arrival time, the photographer had been looking out of our upstairs window to see if they were almost done coming in so we could start the ceremony. The next thing I know she comes out on the balcony and tells me that there is a bull in the cemetery across the street knocking over headstones.. I thought she was joking, but she insisted she saw him... I figured it was the neighbors cow, as they are right next door to the cemetery and may have knocked down or gone through the fence, and he'd be running over to herd him back in... and we continued on to our wedding...

During the reception, I left the facility to turn on our outdoor and parking lights prior to dusk for everyone. I happened to see a woman in jeans and hoodie walking up to our private residence -so I called to her. I came to find out she was a local farm owner from a few miles away. She had happened to come driving down our road - and saw the cow (wasn't a bull after all) make it's way out of the cemetery and down into our parking lot. It was acting mighty strange, and spinning in circles. She followed it into our parking lot and tried to keep moving it by herding it with her vehicle out of the main parking area. She got it further down the driveway past the vehicles, but it finally kept spinning in circles and kept coming back towards the lot again. She had gotten out to take a look at it to see if it was injured, but realized it was blind in both eyes and just kept spinning... Mad Cow disease had already infected this animal.

She tried to head it back away from the vehicles - but to no avail. She finally used her car trying to block it from returning into the lot - at which time it sideswiped her driver's door. Then after further tries to push it along, it came back again and dented in her entire passenger side of the van spinning again. She had already called troopers - it took over 1.5 hours for them to bother to show up. At this point the trooper drove in , and then left again saying he was going to look for owners. In the meantime , several neighbors had all come to help corral the animal and keep it away from our guests vehicles in the parking lot. It managed to take out the majority of our sunflowers and pumpkins in its path. While they tried to keep her contained - the animal continued to spin and throw a few of the people trying to calm her. They had already found out that this animal had been loose and in the area for days - but did not belong to anyone on our road... and with all of the property damage who in the world is going to claim a sickly animal that has now caused thousands in damages?!?!

So to say the least , the trooper and back up finally returned and helped to rectify the situation. While in the end there were no alternatives on the outcome... the entire point of passing this along was to show that there are still many people out there who will go out of their way - not only for animals and neighbors, but those they don't even know! This local farm wife had sacrificed her brand new vehicle trying to prevent damage to our guests vehicles, trying to keep the animal off the roads and driveways and trying to save anyone from becoming hurt. The neighbors all pitched in to lend a hand as well.. coming over to help try to take care of the distraught animal and prevent any additional problems from arising. All were looking out for our wedding guests, their vehicles and property, as well as making sure nobody at all during our wedding was aware of the situation taking place - preventing interruption and distraction that would have taken away from the bride and groom's day. I can't thank all of those involved this weekend for taking good care of us and our guests!!!!

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