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Looking Back, Moving Forward

While running errands in the car this morning and trying to figure out what to write about for this week's blog post - the song "from the ground up" came on the local country station. I actually listened to the lyrics for a bit - and was really thinking about the number of weddings coming through here and all of the families that were here supporting the new couples....

Since I"m always in the building helping with handicap, elders, and those who need assistance and elevators - I usually get to hear some wonderful stories from the older generations. Typically they always start off telling you how long they've been together, and how it's been hard over the years - but they would never change a thing, and are grateful to be able to see the grand children, or great nieces / nephews, and younger generation performing their ceremonies...

The one main thing I am always being told is how the older generations up until just before mine - truly understand what it means to work at relationships. They didn't come from throw away societies. You kept everything and fixed it and worked at it... they did not replace it the first second something went wrong. I see this happening all too often now that the 40 somethings on down to the youngin's getting hitched now a days... they seem to have a completely different perspective on life that if things don't go perfect, they need to get rid of it and look elsewhere to find something better. It's hard to find younger adults now that have the loyalty and devotion to anything at all, let alone relationships.

I'm asking for all of you who are considering marriage, have just gotten married, have friends or loved ones tying the knot and those who have been in relationships for years yourselves.... look back at the previous generations - learn from their experiences, their knowledge, their commitments, and their dedication and love to each other. Looking back helps you to gain perspective on where to go in your own future. It will help you move forward in the right direction. Find those you admire and gain some perspective on what is truly important. If you honestly believe you are in love and are willing to say your vows - then remember those promises and always dedicate yourself to keeping your commitments to the one you truly cherish. You'll find working through those tough times instead of giving up and walking out may truly be one of the most rewarding experiences when you can continue to share your life with the one person you would do anything for. Sticking together through thick or thin will give you a best friend you'll never want to lose.

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