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Bridal Show vs. Live Wedding Experience

After hosting, attending, participating in many bridal shows over the years- I've come to realize that they are certainly not all they are cracked up to be...

Don't get me wrong... many a future bride and groom have found their perfect vendors and venues by attending a show. However MOST are not that lucky!

Both the vendors and participants lose out on what the entire experience is supposed to provide... a chance to meet in person, ask questions, and see what they have to offer, trying to find a compatible and perfect match to serve their needs on the biggest event day of their lives.

Unfortunately there are so many visitors at the shows, many who want nothing other than to obtain free giveaways, swag bags, prizes, and such that they waste the time of vendors who could be giving

valuable insight as to what services they provide to a real potential candidate of a couple.

The couples spend so much time trying to navigate through crowds, being harassed by pushy sales pitches from over bearing vendors, having to obtain game pieces from vendors they don't want to meet to win a prize, and so on that the entire point of the event has now been lost and turned into a maze everyone is trying to find their way around in with a fruitless ending for all.

This is why we are trying to go back to basics...

Couples want to know what services are offered, the quality, the customer service, the inside scoop on whether or not their possible vendor candidate can truly live up to their expectations. A bridal show meeting with a business card shoved in a hand, obnoxious crowds begging for free giveaways and prizes, and vendors trying to undercut a competitor in the next booth over - is not how to find the dream team of vendors needed to put your event on.

By hosting a "live wedding experience" Wolf Oak Acres is going back to the roots of the true intention of the bridal show. Allowing vendors and the venue to showcase offerings without worry of competition, harassment, undercutting, and other schemes found during those trade shows. A live wedding will showcase only one of every vendor - no different than at your day of event- where you can find one on one time to meet with all vendors, ask those all important questions, receive full attention and see firsthand the quality of customer service being provided. What more could you ask for??? Well, I guess the passed appetizers, entree and side samples, and baked goods all help! Plus how often can you get a horse drawn carriage ride to a countryside venue all decked out for one lavish party - without having to bring a present!!!

Come visit us during our "Fall In Love" Live Wedding Experience - and find out first hand how a day of event of event typically unfolds, and meet local professionals willing to take the time to listen and offer their services that best suit your needs.

2 Sessions at 1pm and 4pm are being offered.

Following the event, a shuttle will be available for tours to the new onsite lodging opportunities being offered.

Contact us for further details: 315-762-3090 or

valuable insight on thier offer

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