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Giving Thanks

We are only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. The time of year we are to stop and reflect back on all we should be thankful for.... from friends, family, food, shelter, love and more. It is a time of giving back to those who have helped and supported us throughout our journeys, a time to remember and appreciate all of lifes difficulties - making us stronger, as well as all of life's blessing - the time we have had to spend with loved ones and the memories we'll cherish forever from them....

Most younger couples seem to have never learned or have forgotten what Thanksgiving is supposed to represent - and instead think only of how much food they are going to consume, along with beer while watching a parade, sports, and enjoying a day off of work. We need to help bring back some of our past traditions and uphold these holidays with what they were truly meant for. This is the perfect time of year for celebrations - such as a wedding! Bring back the reason for the season - appreciate your significant other for all they bring to your life, their families for raising the person of your dreams, and your own family for all of the support and guidance that has brought you to your special day...

It can be the most stunning time of year - with late fall foliage, or early snow falls to make for inspirational photos. It's also the perfect time to celebrate with the entire family - what a great way to ensure everyone will make it to a thanksgiving feast - by throwing a wedding along with it!

Hopefully we'll see more in the way of traditions coming back to our holidays - whether new or old... make some memories with your significant other's and families this season... you'll never regret it!

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