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How sweet it is!

Every party should have a sweet ending!

Traditional wedding cakes are still seen at some weddings, but nowadays there are so many new ideas for sweet endings to an incredible day!

From cookies, pastries, pies, halfmoons, smores, popcorn, cotton candy, candy buffets, fried dough, fried oreos, truffles, fondues, ice cream, parfaits, fruit cups,doughnuts, and so many other sugary delights - the sky is truly the limit on the ideas and offerings you can incorporate into your dessert smorgasbord..

Many couples are trying to find new and unique temptations to delight their guests! There have been no holds barred when it comes to the creativity conjured up on this one spectacular day!

From true desert buffets with endless supplies of tantalizing temptations, to individual portions, or packaged take home favors - you will find irresistable delicacies flowing on the wedding day. These dessert options are sure to make your guests forget all about any cake! With so many alternatives you will have a vast area of ideas you'll have to taste your way through to decide which is best for your occassion!

Check out our pinterest page to see some of our favorites!

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