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How it all Begins...

We have had MANY destination weddings at Wolf Oak Acres, some with couples coming in from neighboring towns, many from larger NY cities, and numerous from out of state. We now have many overseas couples from multiple foreign countries also tying the knot at our facility.

Each and every one will have at least one thing in common with their events... they all begin with a marriage license. So for those of you looking to find out how to start the entire process - read on if you are planning a wedding in NYS.

A marriage license may be obtained from ANY town or city clerk in the state. You can walk into the one most convenient to you. Upon entering, the couple will need to provide a government picture id (driver's license, passport, military, or other) along with their own personal birth certificate. Both documents are required from both participants prior to obtaining the license. If either or both participants have been divorced - ALL past divorce papers from EVERY divorce must be presented as well. There will be a $40 fee in NY to purchase this certificate. Once you have provided all documentation and paid in full, you will now have a 24 hours wait period until you can actually perform your ceremony, and then have 60 days for this certificate to be valid and fulfilled.

You will be required to have someone perform your ceremony who is legally allowed within that state - (judge, officiant, etc). Please be sure they have been properly appointed. Along with the bride, groom, and the presiding officiant, two additional witnesses will be needed to sign this document. You will need to be sure you have all of the proper information to correctly fill in the blanks - with the address that the physical ceremony is taking place: the town, county and all full legal names of those presiding. Once the ceremony has completed and paperwork filled out, you can choose to send the paperwork in to any town or city clerk in the state - or have the officiant do this on your behalf. You may want to take note of the actual location of the clerk's office it is filed at - for future reference and additional copies or problems to be corrected at.

Your wedding will become official once your clerk has it filed...

NOW you can finally have the wedding of your dreams! Keep in mind - every state has different requirements for your license - this is only for New York State...

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