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Resolutions for all couples this New Year.

It's easy for couples who have been together for a while to start getting into a rut... The same old routines. Life, work, families, finances all seem to take a toll and consume our very existence.

It's easy for daily routines to become monotonous, boring, and or a cause of stress...

This new year - every couple should look at their relationship and commit to the following resolutions:

Break bad habits together. Many times when you live together you tend to both form bad habits together. Commit to helping each other strive to break those bad habits - whether they are smoking, drinking, bad food choices, becoming couch potatoes, working too much, etc... Work together to change those daily routines into positive experiences : exercise, cook, and talk together. Take the time to encourage healthy choices. You'll begin to see the physical perks of getting back in shape, eating and sleeping better, as well as the mental and emotional side effects greatly improving your relationship together.

Take the time to commit to those good habits and make new ones! Sharing in the daily cooking - creating and making healthy meals, enjoying walks after dinner, using that time for one on one attention to actively discuss everything occurring in your lives.

Actively listen to your partner - taking those few extra moments each day to put down the phones, computers, tablets, and really hear what they are saying. This can bring a whole new level of devotion to your relationship. Knowing they are part of your team and are part of the conversation can change their entire outlook on the relationship you share and life.

Don't take for granted. Too often we just assume our partner will always be there. But when you feel you aren't being heard, or are no longer the central part of their life, a whole new stress comes into your relationship. Be a participant and partner in everything. It's too easy to overlook the good things you share, and focus on the bad. But dwelling on these minor imperfections can lead to huge stressors that aren't needed. Pick your battles and stop insulting and arguing over petty stuff. Learn to praise and not criticize. Compliment and be considerate - and it will return to you.

Share your goals and support each other in everything you do... even if they aren't the same projects or ideas. Just be open and honest - and you will see that all things will find a way to work out when you have each other, and the love and support you are willing to share will see you through.

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