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Budget for the Bakery

Deserts are certainly a sweet delicacy that almost everyone enjoys... But you don't need to break the bank to serve them at your wedding! Here are a few suggestions on ways to save on the deserts being served at your event....

If you plan to offer cake at the wedding... tiered cakes are extremely difficult for transport, and can be very intricate and detailed. Depending on the number of tiers and how many guests you plan to serve, costs can skyrocket... If you are adament about serving a tiered cake keep in mind options that will change pricing: skip exoctic fillings - these can cause price increases compared to standard offerings. Use fresh flowers to decorate instead of sugar- candy flowers are very time consuming and will cost much more for the bakery artist to create. Do not have add on's and ornate decor - the more time to create the higher the price...

There are alternatives out there that will save hundreds of dollars. Have a small cake just for your cutting, and have a sheet cake in the background, which is much cheaper per person to have and serve than a tiered cake. Keep in mind that whether you offer a tiered or sheet cake - you will also have an additional fee from caterers to cut and serve every slice (adding a tremendous amount to the overall cake cost).

Skip the cake altogether to save the most money (or just keep a small one for cut pictures only) and offer cupcakes - which are already single serve and typically end up being half the cost of a tiered cake, if not even better on savings! This also allows the option for more customization - including more flavors, different decor, fillings, icings, etc , allowing even more options at a better price! We have also seen that guests will almost 100% of the time eat cupcakes. They are considered finger foods and can be taken on the dance floor, unlike the cut cakes which almost always end up thrown away at the end of the nigh. Guests do not want to go and sit down with a fork and plate to eat desert, they usually remain near a bar or dance floor all night. So opting for cupcakes saves tremendously from having leftovers at the end! Cupcakes also allow for the option to leave favor boxes - giving you an additional option of saving money on providing favors as well - as you can instead just offer boxes for desert take home favors!

There have been so many other options that are also at better price points. These include desert trays with baked options such as cookies, cannolis, eclairs, and other scrumptious delights that offer finger food versatility with great pricing, and yummies that no one can pass up!

Fried dough, cotton candy, popcorn stations, candy buffets, smores bars, ice cream sundae stations, and so many other great alternatives also offer ways to customize and create unique offerings that are much more flexible and easier on the wallet...

Keep in mind the theme of your event and what ultimately makes YOU happy!!!

Guests will be thrilled with any special treat you pick!

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