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Considering an Elopement Or Mini-Wedding?

Sometimes you just need to take a step back, and really take a look at what is going on in your life. The stress of planning a wedding, who to invite, and relatives getting involved or "helping" to plan can become a terrible burden and seem overwhelming. How do you handle the pressures of trying to keep everyone happy during this time period?

The answer is almost always - you can't.... and you shouldn't try!

Remember - this specific day is not about anyone other than the two people involved. It is for you to commit to each other and let each other know your intentions and promises. While it may be true that if you marry the person you marry their family in some regards - but remember those families are not in the picture 24/7/365... However - you're new spouse is. They are the only one that is committing and promising and they are the one and only who should truly matter, as everyone else will come and go.

You know the saying - you can't please everyone! This is true and you shouldn't try to on this of all days.... if you listen to mom about inviting another 5 people, then the new sister in law will want 4 others, then cousin will ask to bring the kids, aunt wants to make a cake, and brother wants his band to play - and the list will continue to snowball of all of the different things everyone else wants - but none have considered YOU!

When this day becomes more about everyone else and their vision - instead of yours, it is a problem. This day will be the one most important to the two of you, and your priorities should be what the two of you decide - without input from others. This can lead to some hurt feelings or crushed pride, but in the end - you have to live with each other and if you choose to always let others come before or between you, you will never have a true open and committed relationship.

This may mean to consider an elopement or mini-wedding. In this case - just the two of you, or maybe up to a few dozen of only the closest people that you really just can't do without participate in.

Not the colleague from the next cubicle you talk to once a week at the cooler, or the old high school buddy you haven't seen in fifteen years... but the ones you turn to when life is throwing you those curveballs, and the ones who have helped you to get to where you are today.

More and more couples are opting to save the typical $35,000 for an average wedding. They are hosting mini weddings for 2-40 people and keeping it simple. Average cost would be under $5,000 and you have an intimate gathering of only the most important people in your life without all of the chaos , hassle and stress.

Wolf Oak Acres has chosen to start offering mini wedding packages suited for these situations, as well as those in the military getting ready for deployment, or those who have already eloped but still want a small wedding for family to partake in.

Contact us today for details on how this can all be arranged.... #315-762-3090

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