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The gift that keeps giving..

When you are planning for that most important day.... your own wedding, there are so many details that sometimes it becomes quite overwhelming. We just want to remind you .... rely on the basics!

Friends and families are there to support YOU! Not judge you on the color scheme, or if you had the right flowers in your bouquet, or even if you had the best food or better entertainment than any other wedding. The reason for the wedding is to bring two families together and share in the moment when you promise your lives to each other...

Tradition still being kept - most guests will give the bride and groom a gift (monetary or tangible) during the big event.... and then in return most couples have always felt the need to acknowledge their guests with "favors". Now a days traditions have changed and evolved or become thrown to the wayside in favor of new trends, fashions or ideas....While the couple (and/or families) are already providing the guests typically with lavish foods, liquors and entertainment throughout the night, and finishing off with sweets, I am still at a loss as to why the couples feel obliged to also give "favors" to their guests as well....

For most weddings any favors given are typically knick knacks and trinkets that most guests really don't even want. They end up in the garbage or left behind on the tables when the guests walk out at the end of the night. There are a few things that I suggest that people will truly appreciate.

The first - if you feel compelled to give your guests "something" (in addition to everything else you already gave them) additional foods/deserts are the most popular! Just get a few extra cookie, cupcake, or desert trays and leave "to go" boxes or bags so the guests can grab one to take home as their favor... this is usually the most popular as who doesn't want that extra bit a sugar on the way home - or for the kids who got left behind!

The other - is the gift that keeps on giving...

Weddings are supposed to be about love, commitment, devotion, and family.

So why not continue that tradition by giving again... one of the most thoughtful "favors" I have seen are those in which the families give donations back to a charity to spread the love. Whether it be in honor or memory of a family member not able to be at the event, a special cause dear to the hearts of the family, or a meaningful charity the bride and groom supports - if you are going to spend $1-10 per person for a favor - which may be left on a table and thrown away, or just for an extra indulging snack... why not consider a donation in lieu of favor on behalf of each of your guests to a local charity.

There are so many out there - and all could benefit from those extra funds...Places like the Rescue Mission can give a homeless individual an entire Thanksgiving Dinner for $2.50!!! The local animal shelters can help feed several strays for another week, or provide medical attention at the local child abuse center. A woman may be given a home from an abusive spouse, or a child may receive clothing the parents couldn't afford - just by supporting the local charities of your choice...

To me - continuing the cycle of love - not only with each other and immediate friends and family, but to the communities and neighbors surrounding us who would benefit from that one act of kindness and generosity - would be much more meaningful than having another koozie in the drawer....

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