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Halloween themed weddings...

With only days to go until one of the spookiest days of the year is upon us.... it's time to highlight some great ways to have a wedding based upon the fall halloween themes. Harvest colors, pumpkins, leaves, candles, and creative decor can make for a truly romantic or eerily gothic type of event.

From black wedding dresses, skulls overflowing with ruby red roses and ivy, blood colored smoking signature drinks, to the white pumpkins with candlelight accenting light orange chiffon draped reception tables with leaves and pinecones adorning the aisles, your fall themed wedding can go from dark and gothic inspired to a fresh adirondack inspired vision. It's all up to your imagination!

Check out our latest updates to our pinterest board for some of the fun themed decor, floral, bakery and additional options you can use to showcase the autumn nuptiuals taking place during October!

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