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Guest comforts...

Everyone says the wedding day is "all about the bride" (or "all about the couple" as far as I'm concerned as it IS supposed to be a union between two people!) But you shouldn't overlook all of those who are partaking in the days' events....

By this I mean - your guests are travelling long distances, spending money on gas, lodging, meals etc on the road to share this day and moment with you... Many may have given up and sacrificed other important things in order to do so. You certainly want those who meant enough for you to invite to be comfortable on this day too...

Keeping things in mind like the location of the event, handicap accessibility, weather conditions, heat or cold extremes, insects, allergies, just to name a few things that can wreak havoc on your guests if they aren't accommodated. Entertainment and food can also be considered... Don't sit grandma next to the speakers for the band, and don't serve peanut items at your desert bar if you have cousins with known allergies.... There's always a lot to consider when planning large scale events - but considering the health, well being and comfort of your guests should also be a priority.

If you host an outdoor wedding and it downpours, with no back up plan you can expect the majority of guests to leave early and not enjoy the party when they are soaked and chilled to the bone because you were adament about having an outdoor wedding no matter what. When the end of the night comes and no one has stayed because they were so uncomfortable - what was the use in having an extraodinary band or desert bar - when guests aren't there to enjoy it?

So always keep others in mind when determining logistics and have things at the ready for your guests comfort! Extra umbrellas, bug spray, anti itch meds, aspirins, fans, blankets, flip flops for dancing and chargers for phones... all those little items will certainly keep your guests partying til all hours with you if they are able to stay comfortable throughout the event!

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