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Tips for holiday weddings...

Planning a wedding around the holiday seasons can be very tricky. There are tons of things to take into consideration to know if it will truly be in your best interest to hold your date during these times.

First consider the time of year - if you are looking to host on a major holiday : travel expenses, hotels, vendors are all at peak price points and limited availability. You will need to plan plenty in advance to secure all of the services you need, and be prepared for the higher price tags during many holidays.

In addition- consider guests traveling. If you are expecting them to come during prime holiday times - you may lose many on your guest lists as they will be hosting their own family functions, have annual plans, or may not want to part from (or haul along) their kids, or may already have other obligations during the height of holiday seasons.

Think about your future as well.... do you want to celebrate an anniversary in the middle of a holiday time - or will it be overshadowed and lost in the mix of other events and become irrelevant?

If a holiday wedding is right for you - don't let the holiday overtake and upstage your day! Please don't play Christmas music during your wedding! Keep the reason you are all together at center stage - the day is about your commitment to each other, your nuptials, and your vows. Do not turn it into a holiday gathering or office party! Keep subtle themes of the holidays if you choose in your decor - but don't allow the event to lose perspective.

Remember things that can be fun to incorporate - colors, specialty cocktails, special seasonal florals, and more. If you're event comes right after a major holiday - use sales and discounts to pick up those last minute decor ideas at a better price point. (or get them the year prior when sales start!)

Keep in mind time constraints for churches - with services and other special meetings during the holidays that may take precedence before allowing your wedding to take place on their premise. Guests will need as much notice as possible - so send save the dates as soon as you book a holiday wedding. Many have so much on their plates already they'll need the extra time to budget and plan accordingly if they are going to attend.

For those of you who do plan to move ahead and throw caution to the wind and hold a wedding during a holiday season - stay focused and organized! The holidays cause enough stress and so does wedding planning- combining the two can lead to many headaches if you are not prepared! Keep an organizer of seperate items you need to take care of for both your wedding and the holiday itself.

Be sure to ask for help when needed! Friends and family can understand how hectic life will be while planning, and usually will all pitch in if they know you need extra assistance.

Always remember the most important part of your day - which is not a gathering during the holiday - but a wedding to celebrate two people coming together, making promises, and sharing their love for each other in front of their families. Keep that in perspective and every day will be a holiday!istance! So don't hesitate to look for help when you get overwhelmed!

Most importantly - always remember why you are celebrating! That day is NOT about the holiday, but about joining them most important person in your life to promise your love to each other! Always put each other at the forefront and you'll have reason to celebrate every day of your lives!

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