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Social Media Faux Pas

With all of the technology available at our finger tips, it's very easy to become too connected with social media and lose touch with the primitive aspects of communication skills and courteous behavior. When it comes to a wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you are not committing any social faux pas for you, your bridal party or guests on that big day...

Once you're engaged:

Do Not Announce your engagement online until you have personally told your closest family.

Immediate family members and closest friends should always receive that extra personal touch of having the courtesy of being told first before they hear from a neighbor or old acquaintance!

Don't post personal questions or ask for advice over social media on anything in regards to your wedding, guests, bridal party members or participants.... You'll receive too many different overwhelming opinions and can damage relations with those you are referencing in the few sentences you solicit on. Keep questions to your wedding planner or only your immediate besties you rely on.

Don't post non stop about your event! Save surprises for day of! The world doesn't need to know what you've chosen for food, music selections, dresses, cake flavors, or any other details beforehand...

Leave details for the guests surprise so they can enjoy every aspect as much as you when they see the final outcome of your hard work!

Don't bother with all the outlandish ### hashtag craze! Push for the unplugged ceremony and reception and let your vendors do the job you're paying them for by handling all of the pics! Guarantee the presence of your guests by asking them to put down the phones, enjoy their drinks and dinners that you so creatively curated and get on the dance floor with the music selection you tailored.

Don't allow pictures during your ceremony by guests! While everyone wants to capture that special moment - it creates huge issues when your guests are moving around , putting their cell phones in the aisles, getting in front of the photographers, and flashes are going off in your officiants' eyes while reading your vows. This is the most important part of your entire day - let the professionals have their moment of showing you all they can do - and they'll share with you and the guests so everyone will have the moments captured perfectly and professionally!

Don't lash out on social media during or after your wedding! If you have negative comments about party members, guests or vendors - don't let the world know! You will only be viewed as a Bridezilla lashing out! Instead speak to individuals personally or leave reviews on Yelp or with vendors on their personal pages so you can help correct, rectify or help them with the issues at hand. Slandering on social media doesn't help anyone - and is out there permanently once you hit enter!

Don't be attached to your phones day of your event! Have a designated person who can handle all issues that may arise - a coordinator checking on vendors, or a friend checking in on a family member running late... but all of your most important people will be surrounding you. There's no reason to carry a phone or worry about details the last second - let others take care of it and live in the moment!

Don't use social media to thank guests and family after the wedding- do make it personal and hand delivered or stated so you know they received the message!

DOOOOO - have the best day ever and take time to enjoy every moment!

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