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Jack and Jill Wedding Showers

A new trend that has been seen lately is Jack and Jill Wedding Showers. Previously, the bride and her girls, and the groom and his men, had separate gatherings. Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and bridal showers all celebrated the individual getting married, either the bride or the groom. But, Jack and Jill Wedding Showers celebrate the to be married bride and groom as a couple.

The shower is focused around both the bride and groom. Gifts that would be useful in the home and to the happy couple, are presented to both of them. This wedding shower is for everyone, men and women. It's the couples job to make everyone feel welcome and excited about the next chapter in life they will be taking on together. The shower can take place anywhere, and anytime.

To ensure your Jack and Jill party goes smoothly, here are some helpful tips:

1. Invite people who would want to be there. A.K.A - Don't invite people who are there for just the groom or just the bride. Invite guests that will attend for the both of you; family and close friends!

2. Have good food that everyone loves to eat. Home cooked comfort food, or a classic BBQ will do the job!

3. Set a theme! Having a theme for your shower will make it extremely fun. With a theme you could develop games that fit perfectly to the showers theme!

4. Speaking of games... Have activities at your Jack and Jill shower that will keep everyone busy and having fun! A little friendly competition doesn't hurt anyone!

5. Present a favor or thank you to your guests when the shower is over. The reason why your shower will be successful and fun is because of your guests, so make sure to thank them!

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