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A personal note means the world...

As a lover of all things heartwarming, sentimental and sweet intentioned, the old fashioned and hand written note means everything in today's fast paced and technological world. While it's understandable that you're life will be more than chaotic before, during and after your wedding day - taking the time to hand write 50-500 personalized thank you's seems more than a daunting task!

So why do you ask are handwritten thank you notes a big deal? Courtesy of Ruffled - A Wedding Blog you'll see a few of the reasons below..

1. Technology is becoming scarily predominant in our lives, so when you have the opportunity to create something personal, tangible and meaningful, you do it! 2. People love receiving mail that isn’t a) utility bills b) local ads or c) jury duty 3. It’s just proper etiquette! If someone is spending any amount to put towards you + your ride or die’s lives together, the least you can do is thank them for their thoughtfulness. 4. It’s good for your own mental health. Knowing that you’ve sent out a bunch of warm fuzzies will in turn make you feel warm + fuzzy inside.

Why do we feel so strongly about a hand-written note? Because snail mail rocks! It means someone has taken valuable time out of their day to show you they care. That they’re thankful for something you got them, that they’re thinking about you, or that they’re grateful for you and all you've done for them. There is art in script and beauty in the small things. And it’s a practice the world won’t soon forget!

Taking the time to truly thank and appreciate your guests once the event has passed, the party is over, and the decorations have come down will mean the world to them. Letting your guests know that taking the time off of work, joining you for your celebratory event, giving you that gift that they took the time to consider for you - actually meant something. That you appreciated them being part of those memories. Setting aside some time before and after your event to write those personalized notes - may seem like a huge and overwhelming process - but the results are well worth it!

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